How do I care for cashmere?

It takes a little work to take care of your Cashmere garments. But this will ensure its forever-wear and tip-top shape. Here’s some advice for the ultimate Cashmere Care or CC:


  • Lesson 1: No machines, please. This lovely fabric should only be washed by hand with cold water, as the fabric becomes fragile when wet. Using a mild soap or detergent is also recommended, and letting it air dry is vital to its shape and durability.

  • Lesson 2: Say no to fabric softener. A little known fact is that cashmere becomes softer as time goes by. Chemical softeners can damage the fabric and limit its durability, so be sure to keep it simple with the washing routine.

  • Lesson 3: Wash a little, wear a lot. Another day, the same outfit! Because of its breathable nature, cashmere can be aired out for use the next day.. and remain fresh for a little while longer.


OK, but how do you stop cashmere from pilling? The fact is that all wool and cashmere is going to pill. But a few easy tricks can make a difference:


  • Use sweater spray instead of washing occassionally. Try to wear your pieces 5-6 times between washes. In the meantime, we highly recommend the Wool & Cashmere Spray from The Laundress. Lightly spray and leave your sweater out for a bit before putting it away.

  • Make a cashmere comb your best friend. When pills inevitably come, just use a sweater comb to brush them away. Use a bit of pressure when combing, but don’t be rough!